17 Awesome Rainforest Snakes of Thailand

17 Awesome Rainforest Snakes of Thailand

Thailand has dry parts and some geographical areas covered by tropical rainforests in which snakes thrive. In southern Thailand there are numerous places that can be considered rainforests like Phuket (virtually the entire island), Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangnan, There are vast forests stretching between Surat Thani – Krabi – Trang – Nakhon si Thammarat – and Phangna.

Primary and secondary rainforests support a variety of animal life that snakes rely on for sustenance. Frogs are probably the ultimate snake food, and most snakes eat them when they can find them.

While one can find all sorts of snakes in the rainforest there are a few that are very commonly found:

List of Rainforest Snakes commonly found in Thailand:

This list is by no means comprehensive, as there are many other snakes living in the forests of Thailand. These are just those that are rather commonly known and found.


  1. Hi! I’m doing a paper on Asiatic cobras, and was wondering: is there any form of polyvalent antivenin in Thailand? You strike me as someone who might know.

    1. There is some polyvalent antivenom which covers monocled cobra, banded krait, Malayan krait, and king cobra… but nothing that covers the other spitting cobras (Naja genus).

  2. I THINK THE BOOK IS VERY USeful to everybody

  3. Hey man. do you have an exhibit or anything around Bangkok? I’m flying through next week from Laos and I always wanted to check you guys out. Thanks

  4. Great article. My wife is from the Krabi/Surat Thani border area, (real jungle people), any pointers on what s akes Im most likely to see ?

    1. If you go out at night, you might see wolf snakes – Lycodon laoensis, L. capucinus, L. subcinctus. Cat snakes – Boiga cyanea, Boiga cyndodon. Malayan krait – Bungarus candidus. Or maybe a viper – Trimeresurus genus, not sure which you’d have commonly there. Good luck!

  5. I had a green bamboo snake come out from under my steps in sakon nakhon it scared me for a sec but slid into the bush kend

  6. Currently, it seems like the Banded Green Cat Snake is being threatened in Thailand.

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