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The beautiful pit viper, also called the brown-spotted pit viper, a venmous snake in Thailiand.


  • Banded Pit Viper – Popeia fucatus
  • Brown-spotted Pit Viper (Beautiful Viper) – Cryptelytrops venustus
  • Clouded Pit ViperPopeia nebularis
  • Gumprecht’s Green Pit ViperViridovipera gumprechti
  • Hagen’s Pit Viper – Parias hageni
  • Kanburi Pit Viper – Cryptelytrops kanburiensis
  • Large-eyed Pit Viper – Cryptelytrops macrops
  • Malayan Pit ViperCalloselasma rhodostoma
  • Mangrove Pit ViperTrimeresurus purpureomaculatus
  • Mountain Pit ViperOvophis convictus
  • Pope’s Green Pit ViperPopeia popeiorum
  • Siamese ViperDaboia russelii siamensis
  • Vogel’s Pit Viper – Viridovipera vogeli
  • Wirot’s Pit ViperTrimeresurus wiroti
  • Sumatran Pit ViperParias sumatranus
  • Wagler’s Pit ViperTropidolaemus wagleri
  • White-lipped Green Pit ViperCryptelytrops albolabris

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