Thailand Snake Quiz Results

Below are the answers to the Thailand Snakes Quiz you can find HERE >

Green Cat-eyed Snake – Boiga cyanea. Harmless, mildly venomous but not known to affect people.

Laotian Wolf Snake – L. laoensis. Harmless but love to strike.

Green Keelback – R. nigrocinctus. Not known to be capable of fatal bites, but another snake in the same genus is known to be dangerous. So… not sure. Certainly cannot rule it out.

Female Wagler’s Pit Viper – T. wagleri. Dangerous and potentially fatal bites.

Radiated Rat Snake – C. radiata. Harmless but frequent strikers.

Monocled Cobra – N. kaouthia. Deadly.

Golden Tree Snake – C. ornata. One of the most common snakes in Thailand. Weak venom, is not dangerous for people.

Malayan Pit Viper – C. rhodostoma. Capable of inflicting deadly bites, but the venom usually just causes vast tissue destruction.

Hatchling Indo-Chinese Rat Snake – P. korros. Looks a lot like the juvenile King Cobra to some people.

Malayan Racer – C. flavolineatus. Harmless, but they bite.

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