Snake-related Christmas Ideas!

WHAT TO BUY A HERPER? Camper? Mountain Biker? Fisherman?

1st Gift Idea – A great HEADLAMP.

I’ve been looking through the jungles of Thailand for 10 years. The first five or so, I used junk Chinese flashlights (torches for you Brits). I probably missed 70% of wildlife because I had absolute TRASH LIGHTS.

Recently I became OBSESSED with finding the best headlamps on the planet. My focus was: DURABILITY – LUMENS – COLOR OF LIGHT – SHAPE OF BEAM – BATTERY.

I found the best headlamps after a short look. The brand is PETZL.  

2nd Gift Idea – Snake Tongs

Midwest snake hook - collapsible, three sections.

When you know how to use them (practice!) there is nothing better than this tool for handling venomous snakes in the wild. I use the 40-inchers to keep the rascals away from me. If you’re going to be catching and bagging venomous snakes, you may want another tong that is shorter. This facilitates grabbing with the other hand. It’s kind of tricky with the big 40 inch tongs.

3rd Gift Idea – hmm. Coming up with it, give me a minute here…

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