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Thailand king cobra snake in the rainforest at noon.
King cobra in a mountain stream.


  • King CobraOphiophagus hannah. Longest venomous snake in the world.
  • Monocled CobraNaja kaouthia. The most common cobra in Thailand.
  • Siamese Spitting CobraNaja siamensis
  • Sumatran Spitting CobraNaja sumatrana
  • Cobra Identification

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3 thoughts on “Cobras”

  1. Hello. We would like to buy you a king cobra venom. Please tell me what price, and what minimum number of it. I would also like to know whether you make a delivery. Please answer me ASAP.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Please look up the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute in Bangkok – they sell antivenin directly and you’ll get the latest batch.

  2. Hi there, What a great site. Staying in Phuket June next year for a week. From New Zealand so no snakes. Have the utmost respect and fascination for them. Have spent time in Australia (Queensland) hiking and exploring the Noosa everglades and rain-forests coming across snakes in their natural environment.



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