50 of the Most Venomous Snakes in the World + 2 Bad Biters

If you’re bitten by one of these 50 deadly snakes – and envenomated – you’re going to have some serious issues. These 50 snakes have some of the most potent venom in the reptile world.

Know which snake will cause testicular atrophy (shrinking of the testicles!)? Know which one can cause your pubic hair to drop off – 3 years AFTER the bite? Find out!


  1. Palestinian Mole Viper | Atractaspis engaddensis – endemic to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, and other surrounding countries, this viper just looks like a black cat snake. The venom is strong, and systemic shock is the typical cause of death. Deaths occur with and without the administration of antivenom.
  2. Urutú | Bothrops alternatus – 
  3. Malayan Pit Viper | Calloselasma rhodostoma – possessing venom that destroys every living thing in the human body it comes into contact with, this is NOT the snake to be bitten by. World-renowned snake expert “Al Coritz” Aka: ViperKeeper on YouTube, has said a number of times that he’d rather take a bite from a BLACK MAMBA than this snake. Add me to that list too. This crazy viper has the longest fangs in Thailand, and probably Southeast Asia. Possibly the world. Capable of deep muscle envenomation!
  4. Monocled Cobra | Naja kaouthia – Strong, short and perfectly hollow fangs and high-pressure injections of a wicked cocktail of cytotoxic and neurotoxic venom that can kill you within minutes make this snake one you certainly do NOT want to be juiced by.
  5. Malayan Krait | Bungarus candidus – though mild in disposition, this krait is common throughout its range of Southeast Asia. The venom is purely neurotoxic, shutting down crucial muscles – the diaphragm and heart. Get this, it may not leave even a red mark or swelling! It’s often said, that if this snake bites you and injects venom, you have a 50% chance of surviving – even WITH hospital treatment.
  6. Habu Viper |
  7. Fer de Lance | Bothrops asper
  8. Puff Adder | Bitis arietans
  9. Mexican Cantil | Agkistrodon bilineatus
  10. Sumatran Pit Viper | Trimeresurus sumatranus – at 2 meters in length, this is one massive green pit viper with wicked venom.
  11. Banded Krait | Bungarus fasciatus – Strong neurotoxic venom! Many people are bitten at night, and can’t move in the morning. Some are taken for dead and burned in cremation (not joking, happened in India recently – a guy got up OFF the funeral pyre to tell them, “Hey, I’M ALIVE YOU NIMRODS!”
  12. Central African Gaboon Viper | Bitis gabonica –
  13. Boomslang | Dispholidus typus
  14. Indian Krait | Bungarus caeruleus
  15. Forest Cobra | Naja melanoleuca
  16. Coastal Taipan |
  17. Cape Mountain Adder | Bitis atropos
  18. Saw Scaled Viper | Echis carinatus
  19. Red-necked Keelback | Rhabdophis subminiatus
  20. Spectacled Cobra | Naja naja
  21. Jararacusso | Bothrops jararacusso
  22. Black-necked Spitting Cobra | Naja nigricollis
  23. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake | Crotalus atrox
  24. Green Mamba| Dendroapsis
  25. Black Mamba | Dendroapsis polyepsis
  26. Northern Twig Snake | Thelotornis kirtlandii – as ridiculously thin and innocuous as it sounds, this snake is just about a centimeter wide at the neck! ((( IS IT????
  27. Costa Rican Coral Snake | Micrurus ???
  28. Eastern Coral Snake | Micrurus fulvius – 
  29. Atlantic Bushmaster | Lachesis muta
  30. South American Rattlesnake | Crotalus durissus – 
  31. Mohave Rattlesnake | Crotalus scutulatus
  32. Mainland Tiger Snake | Notechis scutatus
  33. Red-headed Krait | Bungarus flaviceps – though the venom is not well-studied, you can be sure it’s able to kill you in hours if you’re not near a hospital with artificial breathing equipment.
  34. Many-banded Krait | Bungarus multicinctus
  35. Mulga Snake | Pseudechis australis
  36. Indonesian Spitting Cobra | Naja ?
  37. Malayan Blue Coral Snake | Calliophis flaviceps???  i think there is a subspecies
  38. King Cobra | Ophiophagus hannah – it isn’t the venom’s strength in a king cobra bite that is so amazing, it’s the perfect hypodermic needle fangs and MASSIVE quantity of venom she injects. People die within 5-10 minutes with a good bite. Do NOT dork around with this snake! Oh, and one more thing, if it clamps down on you, there is no way in hell you’re getting it off you – it has the strongest bite per square inch of any venomous snake.
  39. Eastern Russell’s Viper | Daboia siamensis – if you’re male and you like the size of your uhm, stuff. Do NOT GET BITTEN BY THIS SNAKE! Bite victims report losing pubic hair and shrinking testicles 3 YEARS after bites. Not a joke. Not at all people. Stay as far from this snake, as you’d stay from a charging rhino.
  40. Inland Taipan | Oxyuranus microlepidotus


  1. Reticulated Python – I’ve seen them 6 meters long here in Thailand. Supposedly they can reach 9 meters. That snake could eat you, AND your family. 72 teeth, just on the roof of the mouth, make this the most horrible snake to be bitten by, just in terms of saw-bit sharp thick bone-like teeth – and the capacity to swallow you whole. MF!
  2. Striped Kukri Snake | Oligodon taenurius ((( spelling? – show john paul’s photo – the only other non-venomous snake on this page besides the python, this tiny little snake not reaching much more than _____ cm., gives the most horrible bites to someone attempting to hold it. Check out my friend, “John Paul” hereafter one chewed on him for __ minutes! Cuts down to the bone!
  • Note – Snake venom toxicity measured by LD-50 process in experiments over the years. The potential for some error exists. In everything. Don’t get bent out of shape that your favorite venomous snake isn’t represented. This list covers 50 of the top, not necessarily the top 50 in rank.

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