Weekend Field Trips July to October (Herping for Snakes)

Weekend Field Trips July to October (Herping for Snakes)
Girl from Hong Kong holds tail of big keeled rat snake in Thailand at our Snakestalk even held annually.
Handling the big keeled rat snake at SnakeStalk in June!

Announcing Weekend Herping Field Trips from July through October!

We are holding short – 1 day, 2 night events for anyone to learn more about finding and catching snakes, snake handling, and reptile photography. These are intense events where we are immersed in snake finding at a wilderness resort in Krabi, Thailand, but possibly at some other locations around the country.

Sign up for one of the events below. Deposit is only 2,000 THB (about $60) and the entire event is just 7,990 THB ($235) and includes room, food, transportation, field trips, and educational presentations on snake handling and snakebite treatment.

Because this will be a small group – we’ll allow kids 13 and older! Must be accompanied by parent / guardian.

We need 5 participants (minimum) to hold an event. If we don’t make those numbers, we cannot hold the event, so we’ll refund all deposits.

Available Field Trip Dates are Listed Below!


Phuket / Phang Nga / Trang

JULY 28, 29, 30 (arrive July 28 anytime after noon, leave July 30 after breakfast)

AUGUST 11, 12, 13 (arrive Aug 11 anytime after noon, leave Aug 13 after breakfast)

SEPTEMBER 15, 16, 17 (arrive Sep 15 anytime after noon, leave Sep 17 after breakfast)

OCTOBER 13, 14, 15 (arrive Oct 13 anytime after noon, leave Oct 15 after breakfast)



JULY 14, 15, 16 (arrive Jul 14 anytime after noon, leave Jul 16 after breakfast)

SEPTEMBER 29, 30, Oct 1 (arrive Sep 29 anytime after noon, leave Oct 1 after breakfast)



Thanks for your support…


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