Slow Loris Rescue and Rehabilitation in Southern Thailand

We’ve recently been exploring the conservation theme over a considerable amount of time, and we are narrowing down some of the species we’ll focus on. It seems appropriate to expand to cover a genus of animals that are really struggling at the moment, the slow loris!

Not long ago, slow lorises were exploited in the pet trade and in the tourist industry as wild-caught slow lorises were captured in the wild with nets or drugged with food placed on trees where they are frequently found.

These animals were forced into captivity and usually have their sharp incisor teeth forcibly removed (with pliers) so they don’t inflict too much damage on people when they bite.

These industries have slowed down a bit, but there are still wild-caught lorises being exploited in Thailand to unknowing tourists and people keeping them as pets at home.

We have slow lorises in Krabi province, in Southern Thailand and we never get tired of seeing them, bright eyes glowing in the trees. In addition to snakes and some other reptiles and amphibians (frogs), we’ll make a commitment to helping the slow loris recover from exploitation for the pet industry.

We often see bananas hanging from trees on strings – put there by poachers, and designed to poison the slow loris and harvest them for selling into the pet trade. We have more information on the slow loris and how they are exploited at that link in the previous paragraph.

If you would like to see these amazing animals in the wild before they are gone for good – plan a trip to Krabi and we’ll set you up with a local guide who can show you slow lorises in the wild, in the rainforest – where they belong!

Watch the Slow Loris Movie we put together below:

Krabi Wildlife for more information on animals other than snakes you can find in Krabi province >


  1. Hi,

    Today I went to visit the floating market in Kanchanaburi. At the entrance of the market I saw 2 people that have a python and a slow loris as a pet so tourist people can take pictures with it. The animals didn’t look healthy and very stressed. The snake has one blind eye I think. Is this legal in Thailand? I read an article about people having slow loris to make money out of it getting arrested. That’s why I want to report it. I hope there is something you can do. I also have a picture of the slow loris for proof.

    Best regards

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