22 Common Thailand Tree Snakes

Thailand’s Tree Snakes

I have the following tree snakes listed in the “Non-Venomous” section of the site because they are very mildly venomous, and not known to affect human beings – even with prolonged or repeated bites. The Golden Tree Snake has enough venom to temporarily paralyze a Tokay Gecko (Gecko gekko), and I’ve seen them knock a big Tokay out of a tree where it just lays on the ground immovable until the snake eats it.

Bronzeback Snakes

  • Banded Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis striatus
  • Elegant Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis formosus
  • Common Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis pictus
  • Mountain Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis subocularis
  • Striped Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis caudolineatus
  • Wall’s Bronzeback – Dendrelaphis cyanochloris

Cat-eyed Snakes

There have been some mild to severe reactions to bites by some members of the genus Boiga. Caution is indicated, though nobody has ever died from one of the snakes listed below.

  • Banded Green Cat Snake – Boiga saengsomi
  • Black-headed Cat Snake – Boiga nigriceps – this snake’s venom can be stronger than other cat-eyed snakes in the Boiga genus.
  • Dog-toothed Cat Snake – Boiga cynodon
  • Green Cat Snake  – Boiga cyanea
  • Grey Cat Snake – Boiga siamensis
  • Jasper’s Cat Snake – Boiga jaspidea. One of my favorites and I have not found it yet. Sure, I haven’t gone far to look, but I thought they might be in Krabi province since they are found in Khao Sok and South of here in Trang.
  • Many-spotted Cat Snake – Boiga multomaculata
  • White-spotted Cat Snake – Boiga drapiezii
  • Yellow-banded Cat Snake (Mangrove Cat-eyed Snake) – Boiga dendrophila – this snake’s venom is strong in some cases, or with some individuals.

Gliding – Flying Snakes

  • Golden Tree Snake – Chrysopelea ornata
  • Paradise Tree Snake – Chrysopelea paradisi
  • Twin-barred Tree Snake – Chrysopelea pelias. I finally found one of these in Krabi! I should make a page on it.

Whip Snakes

  • Asian Vine Whip Snake (Long-nosed Whip Snake) – Ahaetulla nasuta
  • Malayan Whip Snake – Ahaetulla mycterizans
  • Oriental Whip Snake – Ahaetulla prasina
  • Red/Brown Whip Snake – Dryophiops rubescens


  1. So I’m watching a sixteen inch snake climb the tree outside my window and I still don’t know anything about it. Photos please.

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