Top 7 Snake YouTube Videos

Top 7 Snake YouTube Videos
We have something like 650 YouTube videos up on our channels. Here are some of the best ones we made with snakes – some of them are getting crazy numbers of views, and others, we just thought were the best.

Our Top 6 Snake YouTube Videos in 11 Years!

Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen – Krait Cannot Kill Little Sunbeam Snake

This was recent – this krait came across a small sunbeam snake and attempted to kill it and eat it. The problem is, the sunbeam snake wasn’t with the program. The sunbeam repeatedly put the snake in a hold by wrapping it tightly around its neck.

If the sunbeam was a little stronger, it could have killed the krait. We are not sure why the krait had trouble killing the sunbeam snake – possibly it had no fangs at the time, but still, even with all the venom that had to be floating around the mouth, and all the incisions in the sunbeam snake’s body from other teeth – it should have died.

The sunbeam may possess total immunity to the Malayan Krait’s venom – not sure yet!

Possible New Snake Species – Oligodon Genus – But What Species?

I ran this snake by a biologist who is very familiar with the Oligodon genus here in Thailand. He said it was very likely a new species because nothing that looks like it is anywhere close by – meaning – around 1,000 km away. So, possibly a completely new species, not yet described. Cool right?

One of Favorite Snake Finds EVER – Red-Headed Krait


A few hours in Trang rainforest produced this red-headed krait just beside the path as we were headed to the car to leave for the night (after 1 am.). This was a beauty – huge and powerful. One of the best finds I’ve ever had.

BIG BITEY Rat Snake With a Surprise!

This rat snake can really flare its neck laterally – to make it appear larger to predators. This snake is quite yellow, though they are typically a deeper brown or butterscotch color. These are opportunistic feeders and eat just about anything when they’re hungry.


Last and BEST – Fastest King Cobra Attack Ever!

This one really drove the point home – you never really know what a snake is capable of. ESPECIALLY a King Cobra.

We Released this King Cobra After a Rescue. Funstuff.

This 2 meter long king was trapped in a fishing trap in cold water for hours. When I rescued it, I thought maybe it would die. Nope. It was very energetic after a couple days in a box in my spare bedroom. Here you can see me doing the best I could with the space I had – like an obstacle course!

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