Python Snake Trade in Malaysia – Video

Python Snake Trade in Malaysia – Video

People involved in the python snake trade in Thailand are exporting reticulated pythons, blood pythons, and Burmese pythons. Snakes are sent to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and probably other places.

Not only pythons are killed for their valuable skins, some of which end up on 7,000 Euro handbags but king cobras, monocled cobras, rat snakes, and other snakes are sold for food, skins, and other internal parts.

I figured Malaysia was just as bad as Thailand, but this video shows that it may be worse. This one family – the LAO family was said to have killed over 400,000 pythons for the snakeskin trade! That’s one family.

Apparently, the snakeskin trade is driven by high-end buyers in France, Germany, Spain, and probably other countries who manufacture the skins into high-end bags and shoes.

So, here’s a great video I found over at my buddy Phil’s page. Phil is the Koh Samui snake rescue guy who has been there for years.

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