Thailand Amphibians Species List

Finally we have a list of Thailand’s amphibian species from a couple of guys that are involved in finding them.

The list is below – and it comes from Thanks guys!

Common NameClassificationArea Found
Angular-headed NewtTylototriton angulicepsNorth and northeast.
Malayan CaecilianCaudacaecilia aspleniaSouth (Yala).
Larut Hill CaecilianCaudacaecilia larutensisSouth (Narathiwat).
Pointed-snouted CaecilianIchthyophis acuminatusNorth (Lampang).
Ko Tao CaecilianIchthyophis kohtaoensisSoutheast, southwest and south.
Supachai’s CaecilianIchthyophis supachaiiSouth (Nakhon Sri Thammarat).
Doi Suthep CaecilianIchthyophis youngorumNorth (Chang Mai).
Larut Torrent FrogAmolops larutensisSouth.
Northern Cascade FrogAmolops marmoratusNorthwest.
Doi Inthanon Rock FrogAmolops archotaphusNorth (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai).
Tenasserim Cascade frogAmolops panhaiBurma border from Ranong to Mae Wong.
Doi Chang FrogNanorana aeneaNorth.
Rugose FrogHoplobatrachus rugulosusWidespread.
Siamese Cascade FrogHuia melasmaNorth and west.
Tasan FrogAlcalus tasanaeCentral peninsula.
Tenasserim FrogIngerana tenasserimensisSouthwest and south.
Mangrove FrogFejervarya cancrivoraWidespread except north.
Field FrogFejervarya limnocharisWidespread.
Rajah FrogFejervarya rajaSouth.
Sandstone FrogFejervarya trioraNortheast (Ubon Ratchthani).
Blyth’s Giant FrogLimnonectes blythiiNorth, southwest and south.
Malaysian Peat FrogLimnonectes malesianusExtreme south.
Peat Swamp FrogLimnonectes paramacrodonSouth (Narathiwat).
Taylor’s FrogLimnonectes tayloriNorthwest.
Jarujin’s FrogLimnonectes jarujiniWest.
Korat Big-mouthed FrogLimnonectes megastomiasNortheast
Isan Big-headed FrogLimnonectes isanensisNortheast (Loei).
Limborg’s FrogLimnonectes limborgiWest.
Rivulet FrogLimnonectes laticepsExtreme south.
Doria’s FrogLimnonectes doriaeNorth, southwest and south.
Ko Chang FrogLimnonectes kohchangaeSoutheast.
Large-headed FrogLimnonectes macrognathusPeninsula, Phuket and maybe north.
Capped FrogLimnonectes gyldenstolpeiWidespread.
Rhinoceros FrogLimnonectes plicatellusSouth.
Lauhachinda’s Fanged FrogLimnonectes lauhachindaiNortheast (Ubon Ratchathani).
Stoliczka’s FrogLimnonectes hascheanaSouthwest and south.
Spotted Puddle FrogOccidozyga laevisExtreme south.
Common Puddle FrogOccidozyga limaSouth.
Pearl-tipped Pustuled Puddle FrogOccidozyga magnapustulosusNorth and northeast.
Martens’s Puddle FrogOccidozyga martensiiWidespread.
Bourret’s FrogQuasipaa bourretiNorthwest.
Spiny-breasted FrogQuasipaa fasciculispinaSoutheast.
Hill FrogClinotarsus penelopeSouthwest and south.
Nicobar Cricket FrogAmnirana nicobariensisSouth.
Hose’s FrogOdorrana hosiiSouth.
Copper-cheeked FrogOdorrana chloronotaCentral belt.
Schmaker’s FrogOdorrana schmackeriDoi Inthanon and Doi Pha Hom Pok.
Anderson’s FrogOdorrana andersoniiNorth (Chiang Mai).
Phu Luang Rock FrogOdorrana aureolaNortheast (Loei).
Khao Yai Rock FrogOdorrana indeprensa Northeast (Khao Yai).
Vietnamese FrogOdorrana nasicaNorth and west.
No common nameChalcorana eschatiaSouth.
No common nameChalcorana scutigera South.
Mahogany FrogAbavorana luctuosaSouth.
Millet’s FrogIndosylvirana milleti Central, east and southeast.
Chanthaburi Stream FrogHylarana montivagaSoutheast (Chanthaburi).
White-lipped FrogHylarana ranicepsPeninsula and Phuket.
Green-backed FrogHylarana erythraeaWidespread.
Stripe-backed FrogHylarana macrodactylaWidespread.
Taiwanese FrogHylorana taipehensisNorth, northeast and east.
Cope’s FrogHydrophylax leptoglossaWest.
Johns’s FrogRana johnsiNortheast (Loei).
Yellow FrogPelophylax lateralisWidespread except south.
Rough-sided FrogPulchrana glandulosaSouth.
Banjaran FrogPulchrana banjaranaSouth (Yala).
Masked Rough-sided FrogPulchrana laterimaculataSouth (Narathiwat).
Spotted Stream FrogPulchrana signataSouth.
Dark-sided FrogSylvirana nigrovittataWidespread.
Dark-eared FrogSylvirana cubitalisWidespread.
Bronzed frogSylvirana faberSoutheast.
Mortensen’s FrogSylvirana mortenseniSoutheast (Khao Yai to Ko Chang).
Three-striped FrogHumerana miopusSouth.
Burmese Horned FrogBrachytarsophrys carinensisNorth, southwest and south.
Fae’s Horned FrogBrachytarsophrys feaeNorth (Chiang Mai).
White-eyed Litter FrogLeptobrachium chapaenseNorth (Chiang Mai).
Spotted Litter FrogLeptobrachium hendricksoniSouth.
Smith’s Litter FrogLeptobrachium smithiWidespread.
Bourret’s Litter FrogLeptolalax bourettiNorth (Chiang Mai).
Gracile Litter FrogLeptolalax gracilisWest (Khanchanaburi).
Variable Litter FrogLeptolalax heteropusExtreme south.
Mud Litter FrogLeptolalax pelodytoidesNorth and west.
No Common NameLeptolalax melanoleucusSouth (Surat Thani).
No Common NameLeptolalax fuliginosusPeninsula (Prachuap Khiri Khan).
No Common NameLeptolalax solusSouth (Yala and Nakhon Sri Thammarat).
No Common NameLeptolalax minimusNorth (Chiang Mai).
Long-nosed Horned FrogMegophrys nasutaSouth.
Malayan Horned FrogMegophrys acerasSouth.
Slender-legged Horned FrogMegophrys longipesSouth.
Greater Stream Horned FrogMegophrys majorNorth, northeast and southwest.
Dwarf Horned FrogMegophrys minorNorth (Chiang Mai).
Lesser Stream Horned FrogMegophrys parvaNorth and southwest.
Chantaburi Horned FrogMegophrys lekaguliSoutheast.
Tak Horned FrogMegophrys takensisWest.
Narrow-mouthed Horned FrogOphryophryne microstomaNorth (Nan).
Inthanon Stream ToadAnsonia inthanonNorth (Chiang Mai).
Kra Stream ToadAnsonia kraensisIsthmus of Kra
Malayan Stream ToadAnsonia malayanaExtreme south.
Siamese Stream ToadAnsonia siamensisSouth (Trang).
River ToadPhrynoidis asperaWidespread.
Flat-headed ToadIngerophrynus macrotisWidespread.
Indochinese Dwarf ToadIngerophrynus parvusWidespread.
Black-spined ToadDuttaphrynus melanostictusWidespread.
Slender-legged Stream ToadLeptophryne borbonicaSouth.
Malayan Brown ToadRentapia hosiiExtreme south.
Indian Leaf FrogHyla annectansNorth (Mae Hong Son).
Doria’s Bush FrogChiromantis doriaeNorth.
Nong Khor Bush FrogChiromantis nongkhorensisEast, southeast and southwest.
Burmese Bush FrogFeihyla vittataWidespread except south.
Hansen’s Bush FrogFeihyla hansenaeNorth, northeast and east.
Karin Hills Bush FrogGracixalus carinensisNorth (Chiang Mai).
Slender-legged Bush FrogGracixalus gracilipes North (Chiang Mai).
No common nameGracixalus seesomWest.
Taylor’s Tree FrogKurixalus bisacculusEast and southwest.
Boulenger’s Tree FrogKurixalus verrucosusWest, northeast and extreme south.
Dwarf Bush FrogRaorchestes parvulusNortheast and southeast.
Peters’s Bush FrogPhilautus petersiExtreme south.
Vermiculate Bush FrogPhilautus vermiculatusSouth (Yala).
Collett’s Tree FrogPolypedates collettiSouth.
Malayan Slender Tree FrogPolypedates discantusSouth.
Four-lined Tree FrogPolypedates leucomystaxSouthwest and south.
Dark-eared Tree FrogPolypedates macrotisSouth.
Northern Tree FrogPolypedates mutusEast and southeast.
Twin-spotted Tree FrogRhacophorus bipunctatusWest and south.
Red-Webbed Tree FrogRhacophorus rhodopusEast.
Blue-spotted Tree FrogRhacophorus cyanopunctatusSouth.
Orlov’s Tree FrogRhacophorus orloviEast (Amnat Charoen).
Fae’s Tree FrogRhacophorus feaeNorth and northeast.
Giant Tree FrogRhacophorus maximusSouthwest.
Wallace’s Tree FrogRhacophorus nigropalmatusSouth.
Norhayati’s Tree FrogRhacophorus norhayatiiNorthwest and extreme south.
Harlequin Tree FrogRhacophorus pardalisSouth (Yala).
Jade Tree FrogRhacophorus prominanusSouth.
Reinwardt’s Tree FrogRhacophorus reinwardtiiSouthwest and south.
Robinson’s Tree FrogRhacophorus robinsoniiSouth.
Jarujin’s Tree FrogRhacophorus jarujiniNortheast.
Black-webbed Tree FrogRhacophorus kioNorthwest.
Pied Warted Tree FrogTheloderma asperumWidespread except south.
Large Warted Tree FrogTheloderma gordoniNorth (Chiang Mai).
Malayan Warted Tree FrogTheloderma horridumExtreme south.
Chantaburi Warted Tree FrogTheloderma stellatumNorth, east and southeast.
Cinnamon Tree FrogTheloderma pictumSouth.
Smooth FrogTheloderma licinSouth.
Spiny-heeled FrogletChaperina fuscaPeninsula (Surat Thani).
Striped Spadefoot FrogCalluella guttulataWidespread.
Truncate-snouted Burrowing FrogGlyphoglossus molossusWidespread except south.
Striped Sticky FrogKalophrynus interlineatusNorth, northeast and southeast.
Red-sided Sticky FrogKalophrynus pleurostigmaSouth.
Brown BullfrogKaloula baleataSouthwest and south.
Median-striped BullfrogKaloula mediolineataWidespread.
Banded BullfrogKaloula pulchraWidespread.
Golden BullfrogKaloula aureataSouth.
Red-bellied FrogPhrynella pulchraExtreme south.
Annam Chorus FrogMicrohyla annamensisSoutheast (Chanthaburi).
Boulenger’s Chorus FrogMicrohyla annectensSouth (Chumphon).
Berdmore’s Chorus FrogMicrohyla berdmoreiWidespread.
Noisy Chorus FrogMicrohyla butleriWidespread.
Dark-sided Chorus FrogMicrohyla heymonsiWidespread.
Ornate Chorus FrogMicrohyla fissipesWidespread.
Painted Chorus FrogMicrohyla pulchraWidespread.
Inornate Chorus FrogMicryletta inornataWidespread.

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