Thailand Amphibians Species List

Thailand Amphibians Species List
Finally, we have a list of Thailand’s amphibian species from a couple of guys that are involved in finding them.

The list is below – and it comes from Thanks guys!

Common Name Classification Area Found
Angular-headed Newt Tylototriton anguliceps North and northeast.
Malayan Caecilian Caudacaecilia asplenia South (Yala).
Larut Hill Caecilian Caudacaecilia larutensis South (Narathiwat).
Pointed-snouted Caecilian Ichthyophis acuminatus North (Lampang).
Ko Tao Caecilian Ichthyophis kohtaoensis Southeast, southwest and south.
Supachai’s Caecilian Ichthyophis supachaii South (Nakhon Sri Thammarat).
Doi Suthep Caecilian Ichthyophis youngorum North (Chang Mai).
Larut Torrent Frog Amolops larutensis South.
Northern Cascade Frog Amolops marmoratus Northwest.
Doi Inthanon Rock Frog Amolops archotaphus North (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai).
Tenasserim Cascade frog Amolops panhai Burma border from Ranong to Mae Wong.
Doi Chang Frog Nanorana aenea North.
Rugose Frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosus Widespread.
Siamese Cascade Frog Huia melasma North and west.
Tasan Frog Alcalus tasanae Central peninsula.
Tenasserim Frog Ingerana tenasserimensis Southwest and south.
Mangrove Frog Fejervarya cancrivora Widespread except north.
Field Frog Fejervarya limnocharis Widespread.
Rajah Frog Fejervarya raja South.
Sandstone Frog Fejervarya triora Northeast (Ubon Ratchthani).
Blyth’s Giant Frog Limnonectes blythii North, southwest and south.
Malaysian Peat Frog Limnonectes malesianus Extreme south.
Peat Swamp Frog Limnonectes paramacrodon South (Narathiwat).
Taylor’s Frog Limnonectes taylori Northwest.
Jarujin’s Frog Limnonectes jarujini West.
Korat Big-mouthed Frog Limnonectes megastomias Northeast
Isan Big-headed Frog Limnonectes isanensis Northeast (Loei).
Limborg’s Frog Limnonectes limborgi West.
Rivulet Frog Limnonectes laticeps Extreme south.
Doria’s Frog Limnonectes doriae North, southwest and south.
Ko Chang Frog Limnonectes kohchangae Southeast.
Large-headed Frog Limnonectes macrognathus Peninsula, Phuket and maybe north.
Capped Frog Limnonectes gyldenstolpei Widespread.
Rhinoceros Frog Limnonectes plicatellus South.
Lauhachinda’s Fanged Frog Limnonectes lauhachindai Northeast (Ubon Ratchathani).
Stoliczka’s Frog Limnonectes hascheana Southwest and south.
Spotted Puddle Frog Occidozyga laevis Extreme south.
Common Puddle Frog Occidozyga lima South.
Pearl-tipped Pustuled Puddle Frog Occidozyga magnapustulosus North and northeast.
Martens’s Puddle Frog Occidozyga martensii Widespread.
Bourret’s Frog Quasipaa bourreti Northwest.
Spiny-breasted Frog Quasipaa fasciculispina Southeast.
Hill Frog Clinotarsus penelope Southwest and south.
Nicobar Cricket Frog Amnirana nicobariensis South.
Hose’s Frog Odorrana hosii South.
Copper-cheeked Frog Odorrana chloronota Central belt.
Schmaker’s Frog Odorrana schmackeri Doi Inthanon and Doi Pha Hom Pok.
Anderson’s Frog Odorrana andersonii North (Chiang Mai).
Phu Luang Rock Frog Odorrana aureola Northeast (Loei).
Khao Yai Rock Frog Odorrana indeprensa  Northeast (Khao Yai).
Vietnamese Frog Odorrana nasica North and west.
No common name Chalcorana eschatia South.
No common name Chalcorana scutigera  South.
Mahogany Frog Abavorana luctuosa South.
Millet’s Frog Indosylvirana milleti  Central, east and southeast.
Chanthaburi Stream Frog Hylarana montivaga Southeast (Chanthaburi).
White-lipped Frog Hylarana raniceps Peninsula and Phuket.
Green-backed Frog Hylarana erythraea Widespread.
Stripe-backed Frog Hylarana macrodactyla Widespread.
Taiwanese Frog Hylorana taipehensis North, northeast and east.
Cope’s Frog Hydrophylax leptoglossa West.
Johns’s Frog Rana johnsi Northeast (Loei).
Yellow Frog Pelophylax lateralis Widespread except south.
Rough-sided Frog Pulchrana glandulosa South.
Banjaran Frog Pulchrana banjarana South (Yala).
Masked Rough-sided Frog Pulchrana laterimaculata South (Narathiwat).
Spotted Stream Frog Pulchrana signata South.
Dark-sided Frog Sylvirana nigrovittata Widespread.
Dark-eared Frog Sylvirana cubitalis Widespread.
Bronzed frog Sylvirana faber Southeast.
Mortensen’s Frog Sylvirana mortenseni Southeast (Khao Yai to Ko Chang).
Three-striped Frog Humerana miopus South.
Burmese Horned Frog Brachytarsophrys carinensis North, southwest and south.
Fae’s Horned Frog Brachytarsophrys feae North (Chiang Mai).
White-eyed Litter Frog Leptobrachium chapaense North (Chiang Mai).
Spotted Litter Frog Leptobrachium hendricksoni South.
Smith’s Litter Frog Leptobrachium smithi Widespread.
Bourret’s Litter Frog Leptolalax bouretti North (Chiang Mai).
Gracile Litter Frog Leptolalax gracilis West (Khanchanaburi).
Variable Litter Frog Leptolalax heteropus Extreme south.
Mud Litter Frog Leptolalax pelodytoides North and west.
No Common Name Leptolalax melanoleucus South (Surat Thani).
No Common Name Leptolalax fuliginosus Peninsula (Prachuap Khiri Khan).
No Common Name Leptolalax solus South (Yala and Nakhon Sri Thammarat).
No Common Name Leptolalax minimus North (Chiang Mai).
Long-nosed Horned Frog Megophrys nasuta South.
Malayan Horned Frog Megophrys aceras South.
Slender-legged Horned Frog Megophrys longipes South.
Greater Stream Horned Frog Megophrys major North, northeast and southwest.
Dwarf Horned Frog Megophrys minor North (Chiang Mai).
Lesser Stream Horned Frog Megophrys parva North and southwest.
Chantaburi Horned Frog Megophrys lekaguli Southeast.
Tak Horned Frog Megophrys takensis West.
Narrow-mouthed Horned Frog Ophryophryne microstoma North (Nan).
Inthanon Stream Toad Ansonia inthanon North (Chiang Mai).
Kra Stream Toad Ansonia kraensis Isthmus of Kra
Malayan Stream Toad Ansonia malayana Extreme south.
Siamese Stream Toad Ansonia siamensis South (Trang).
River Toad Phrynoidis aspera Widespread.
Flat-headed Toad Ingerophrynus macrotis Widespread.
Indochinese Dwarf Toad Ingerophrynus parvus Widespread.
Black-spined Toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus Widespread.
Slender-legged Stream Toad Leptophryne borbonica South.
Malayan Brown Toad Rentapia hosii Extreme south.
Indian Leaf Frog Hyla annectans North (Mae Hong Son).
Doria’s Bush Frog Chiromantis doriae North.
Nong Khor Bush Frog Chiromantis nongkhorensis East, southeast and southwest.
Burmese Bush Frog Feihyla vittata Widespread except south.
Hansen’s Bush Frog Feihyla hansenae North, northeast and east.
Karin Hills Bush Frog Gracixalus carinensis North (Chiang Mai).
Slender-legged Bush Frog Gracixalus gracilipes  North (Chiang Mai).
No common name Gracixalus seesom West.
Taylor’s Tree Frog Kurixalus bisacculus East and southwest.
Boulenger’s Tree Frog Kurixalus verrucosus West, northeast and extreme south.
Dwarf Bush Frog Raorchestes parvulus Northeast and southeast.
Peters’s Bush Frog Philautus petersi Extreme south.
Vermiculate Bush Frog Philautus vermiculatus South (Yala).
Collett’s Tree Frog Polypedates colletti South.
Malayan Slender Tree Frog Polypedates discantus South.
Four-lined Tree Frog Polypedates leucomystax Southwest and south.
Dark-eared Tree Frog Polypedates macrotis South.
Northern Tree Frog Polypedates mutus East and southeast.
Twin-spotted Tree Frog Rhacophorus bipunctatus West and south.
Red-Webbed Tree Frog Rhacophorus rhodopus East.
Blue-spotted Tree Frog Rhacophorus cyanopunctatus South.
Orlov’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus orlovi East (Amnat Charoen).
Fae’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus feae North and northeast.
Giant Tree Frog Rhacophorus maximus Southwest.
Wallace’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus nigropalmatus South.
Norhayati’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus norhayatii Northwest and extreme south.
Harlequin Tree Frog Rhacophorus pardalis South (Yala).
Jade Tree Frog Rhacophorus prominanus South.
Reinwardt’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus reinwardtii Southwest and south.
Robinson’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus robinsonii South.
Jarujin’s Tree Frog Rhacophorus jarujini Northeast.
Black-webbed Tree Frog Rhacophorus kio Northwest.
Pied Warted Tree Frog Theloderma asperum Widespread except south.
Large Warted Tree Frog Theloderma gordoni North (Chiang Mai).
Malayan Warted Tree Frog Theloderma horridum Extreme south.
Chantaburi Warted Tree Frog Theloderma stellatum North, east and southeast.
Cinnamon Tree Frog Theloderma pictum South.
Smooth Frog Theloderma licin South.
Spiny-heeled Froglet Chaperina fusca Peninsula (Surat Thani).
Striped Spadefoot Frog Calluella guttulata Widespread.
Truncate-snouted Burrowing Frog Glyphoglossus molossus Widespread except south.
Striped Sticky Frog Kalophrynus interlineatus North, northeast and southeast.
Red-sided Sticky Frog Kalophrynus pleurostigma South.
Brown Bullfrog Kaloula baleata Southwest and south.
Median-striped Bullfrog Kaloula mediolineata Widespread.
Banded Bullfrog Kaloula pulchra Widespread.
Golden Bullfrog Kaloula aureata South.
Red-bellied Frog Phrynella pulchra Extreme south.
Annam Chorus Frog Microhyla annamensis Southeast (Chanthaburi).
Boulenger’s Chorus Frog Microhyla annectens South (Chumphon).
Berdmore’s Chorus Frog Microhyla berdmorei Widespread.
Noisy Chorus Frog Microhyla butleri Widespread.
Dark-sided Chorus Frog Microhyla heymonsi Widespread.
Ornate Chorus Frog Microhyla fissipes Widespread.
Painted Chorus Frog Microhyla pulchra Widespread.
Inornate Chorus Frog Micryletta inornata Widespread.

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