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Mock Viper – Psammodynastes pulverulentus – Not Dangerous

(Page Updated: 22 November 2017) Psammodynastes pulverulentus (Mock Viper, Dusky Mock Viper, Common Mock Viper) Thais say: ngoo mok Length: Adults average about 75 cm (28 inches) Range: All over Thailand and southeast Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam – even getting over to Nepal and the other way, Taiwan. Habitat: Typically the mock vipers enjoy hilly … Read more

Siamese Viper – Venomous – Deadly

Daboia siamensis (Siamese Viper; Eastern Russel’s Viper) Thais say: Ngoo Maow Saow Length: Maximum of 1.7 meters. Russel’s around 1 meter long are common. Range: These snakes are found around Bangkok, West, North, and East of Bangkok. The Russel’s photos shown here are from Sa Kaeo province near Cambodia. Habitat:  These snakes are terrestrial and prefer grassy … Read more

Brown-Spotted Green Pit Viper – Venomous and Dangerous

Trimeresurus venustus, previously Cryptelytrops venustus (Brown-spotted Green Pit Viper, Beautiful Pit Viper) [Last Updated: 28 November 2019] Appearance: Green snake (งูเขียว) with brown or reddish-orange scales which may form bands across the width of the snake. Triangular pit viper head. Thais Say: Haang Ham tai Length: average 40-70 cm Range: Chumpon to Krabi Province in Thailand. I … Read more

Malayan Pit Viper – Venomous – Very Dangerous

Calloselasma rhodostema, Malayan Pit Viper. Deadly venomous snake from Thailand.

[Page Updated: 25 June 2020] Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan Pit Viper, Malaysian Pit Viper) Thais say: Ngoo gap pa Length: Usually less than 1 meter. Female Malayan Pit Vipers are the larger and fatter snakes. Males of the species don’t make it to 1 meter long. I have only seen two in 12 years that were … Read more

Indo-Malayan Mountain Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous

[Photo credit and 2011 Copyright – Stewart King, used with permission.] Name: Indo-Malayan Mountain Pit Viper, Mountain Pit Viper, Blotched Pit Viper, Mountain Iron-head Snake, Chinese Mountain Pit Viper Sci Name: Ovophis monticola convictus Length: Males are about 1/2 meter and females are typically just over 1 meter. Description: Short stubby snakes with large (in … Read more