Snake Stalk – Interested?

[Updated: 7 May 2023]

We’ve had a couple of 3-day snake events over the years, and we’ve had a great time doing it.

What IS Snake Stalk?

A small group (3-8) people get together in Southern Thailand at a wilderness resort as our main base. We go looking for reptiles and other wildlife over the course of 3 days, usually twice a day depending on the weather. Arrive Friday around noon, stay until Monday at noon.

You’ll learn more about snakes than you ever have. You’ll learn how to safely catch them and how to move them out of your yard or business with ease and confidence. Of course, you can ASK QUESTIONS about anything during the event, and really increase your knowledge.

We find plenty of other wildlife – skinks, frogs, toads, gliding geckos, gliding lizards (Draco), other lizards, other geckos, slow lorises, owls, centipedes, many different spiders, mice, the occasional turtle, night jars, hog badgers, and MANY kinds of bugs.

WHEN is the Snake Stalk Event?

July. If you’re interested in joining us for 3 days of non-stop field trips to see the wildlife in this area, we’ll be happy to have you.

Is Anyone Coming Already?

We have 12 people interested. That probably means 5 to 8 will come. We have at least 2 participants from previous Snake Stalks coming. We need to find out which weekend you can come, so fill out the form below.

Experience Level Required?

None. Just have an interest in snakes and/or other wildlife and be a responsible, good natured person, eager to learn.

What is the COST?

We’re keeping costs low, like every year. 9,900 Thai baht covers your herping field trips and even transportation from the airport (to and from). The bungalows are 600-1500 THB, depending which you choose. Food is reasonable at around 400 THB per day. The bungalows have an excellent restaurant – food is awesome. They have beer and other drinks.

Ages Allowed?

Somewhere around 15 and older, I think is ideal. However, if you have a son or daughter who has an overwhelming interest in wildlife and the outdoors, we may consider someone younger. Let us know.

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