Snake Rescue Opportunities in Thailand? Can You Do It?

Snake Rescue Opportunities in Thailand? Can You Do It?

(Last update: 7 May 2023)

I just received a lengthy email from “Raul” who is considering moving to Thailand for snake rescue type activities. If you’re considering anything similar, this video might answer some of your questions. He asked me a lot about it.

The only person I know doing any sort of snake rescue in Thailand is “Phil Brooks” on the island of Koh Samui. He was doing it for a long time, back in 2008 I think it was, and then I just looked him up and he’s still there – either returned, or never left.

Not sure. I haven’t heard anything from him or about him for years. Phil, if you read this – let me know what you’re up to. If you want to post a video about snake rescue in Thailand, I’ll embed it here too!

So, here’s the 10-minute video telling what I think is the current state of the subject in Thailand. There is little going on here in this area, I think little opportunity for it exists unless the government gets behind a big project and funds it with grants.

I don’t see that happening. There really aren’t that many Thais interested in the poor condition of the wildlife in the country. Least of all snakes!

We just began offering snake rescue in Krabi Town and surrounding areas. Info here.


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