Kukri Snakes (Oligodon) Index

Thailand Kukri Snakes

  • Ashy Kukri Snake – Oligodon cinereus
  • Banded Kukri Snake – Oligodon fasciolatus
  • Barron’s Kukri Snake – Oligodon barroni
  • Blyth’s Kukri Snake – Oligodon catenatus
  • Brown Kukri Snake – Oligodon purpurascens
  • Cambodian Kukri Snake – Oligodon mouhoti
  • Grey Kukri Snake – Oligodon joynsoni
  • Jintakune’s Kukri Snake – Oligodon jintakunei
  • Striped Kukri Snake – Oligodon taeniatus
  • Inornate Kukri Snake – Oligodon inornatus


  1. What kind of a snake is a ngu sing? My servant found a shed snakeskin outside the compound gate here in Sanpatong, said it was a king cobra skin; the scales from one part were very large, like the scales on pictures of king cobras’ heads. Another guy said it was the skin of a ngu singha, and that all snakes have larger scales on their heads.

    Please help.



    1. Some snakes tend to have larger scales on the top of the head – like cobras. Others, like vipers – have even smaller scales on the head. Ngu Sing is a rat snake. I doubt if anyone you’re dealing with there can tell a rat snake skin from a cobra. Often times I cannot tell either. The king cobra does have 2 large scales at the back of the head that no other snake has – Occipital scales. If the skin shows those, well, that was definitely a king cobra. Here is the chart showing where they are located (scroll down the page a bit): King Cobra Scalation – just scroll down a bit on that page.

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