How To Catch a Snake With a Noose

Though not the most humane method of catching a snake, sometimes in an emergency, you need to catch the snake and get it out of your house, automobile, or yard. The noose is the fastest and safest way to do this – especially for any of the cobras or pit vipers. Always remember – some cobras can spray venom 3 meters accurately into your eyes. Keep your distance.

5 Steps To Catch a Snake Using a Noose

  1. The pole for your noose must be strong like hard plastic PVC, hard bamboo, metal, or some other strong material.
  2. The cord used should be braided rope – not rough, but smooth. The reason the rope should be smooth braided nylon (preferably) is because less trauma to the skin of the snake will occur, and more importantly, the rope will slip through the holes in the end of the pole easier.
  3. The pole should be as long as possible to keep you away from the snake. For cobras – 3 meters (9-10 feet) long pole is sufficient. For vipers – 2 meters (6 feet) is long enough.
  4. Prepare a container – or a release place for the snake. The back of a pickup truck might be a good place to transport the snake if you can hold the stick inside the truck, and have the snake in the back bed. Or, you might want to just lift the snake over a retaining wall and drop it on the other side. If there is no safe way to transport the snake to a better place to release it – having the snake in the noose will allow you to keep strong pressure with the noose to kill the snake. Will take 20 minutes or so. Remember, a venomous snake can still bite for a long time after it is “dead.”
  5. Make a noose about 10 inches in diameter with the rope at the front of the pole. Slowly move the noose over the snake’s head and slowly close it. As the hole of the rope gets smaller, aim to close the rope on the neck at the base of the head. Hold the snake firmly with the noose and transport it to a safe place, or dispose of it if you have no other safe alternative.

Do not attempt to put a venomous snake (or any snake) in a box or other container because while closing the container, you may suffer a bite.

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