Woman Bitten by Venomous Snake in Thailand (Video)

Woman Bitten by Snake – Is it Venomous? Harmless? (Video)


This video shows the process of trying to figure out which snake a woman was bitten by in her kitchen in Thailand. Information sometimes changes. Toxicology results are sometimes different from what we expect to see given the firsthand report of the victim about the snake. Bite marks and symptoms may not match.

This is a case where figuring out whether the snake was venomous or not came down to only the tests run at the hospital. The woman’s report and her friend’s report were not very helpful in figuring out which snake she was bitten by. We may still not know which snake it was.

The woman bitten by the snake had no real visual symptoms at the bite site. There were fang marks. There was no redness, no tissue destruction, no pain, and little else to report. She felt fine.

The bloodwork at the hospital came back with some important results that pointed to a snake that doesn’t bite much at all, but that has very potent venom when it does bite. The problem is, this snake only seems able to cause significant medical problems when it bites down for a long time (20+ seconds) and/or multiple bites.

She was bitten once for 1-2 seconds.

So, the snake is possibly still a mystery, or the bloodwork may have found the culprit. Not sure! This video highlights the fact that the BEST WAY to identify a snake is to get some photos and send to a snake expert to help identify it.

There are over 200 snakes in Thailand and many of them look similar. Don’t rely on your recall or your friend’s recall to help identify the snake.

Here are some venomous snakebite stories I’ve heard and experienced over the years in Thailand.

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