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Worldwide Snake Identification (ID)

If you have PHOTOS OR VIDEOS – upload to the THAILAND SNAKES PUBLIC FB GROUP, for identification of Thailand snakes.

Check these pages for photos of common snakes: Page 1 | Page 2

Other Resources for Thailand Snake Identification:

If you’d like your name added to this list, give me an email at the Contact Page.

13 thoughts on “Worldwide Snake Identification (ID)”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to compile this. With a lot of time in the Kingdom of Thailand with my wife, I hike and enjoy the rural regions including climbing and hiking deep in country. It is nice to see a farang in country respecting nature and helping contribute to others by spreading knowledge. I am a solo hiker, so it is incumbent upon me to study and be prepared as I have encountered snakes and avoid them, but this will give me the added knowledge I seek. I carry a satellite beacon, good gear and I am a veteran hiker and also a military veteran. Your website is deeply appreciated and I hope at some point we cross paths in LOS as I would be happy to buy you some Chang or dinner. Thank you for being a positive farang too – we need people like you there. Kindest Regards, Gary

    • Thanks Gary… I’m not always positive, but it seems to go in waves… every few years or so I get the itch to leave and try another spot. Have a family too now, so it’s more difficult to go… We’re creating a free guide for snakes of Thailand at – will let people know there when it’s ready. Cheers man – stay safe…

  2. when is someone going to do “snakial” recognition as an app ? as in facial recog, ok, should be easy to do once the database of identified patterns is made, take a photo and then RLF (run like fuck) I’ve got coders working for me but they are mainly meteorological I live in thailand and I dont like to see harmless snakes immediately killed, but if you are bitten well that’s another story – one I hope not to have to write…

    best wishes thanks for the guide

    • Hi Paul,

      I’ve contemplated this a bit. There is far too much variation in snake size, pattern, color, range, etc. Most of the photos I get are poor. Probably 40% are REALLY poor and worthless for ID if using an app. The other thing is, who is going to pay for an app.? Or, if it’s free, who are the million people that will get it so we can run ads on it to make back the costs?

      Most stuff in the snake area is not going to make money. Not books, videos, or apps. Selling snakes – breeding them – makes some money. Now, if someone made the app cover all of Asia and in Thai, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Laotian, Tegalo, Khmer, and whatever they speak in Indonesia, then yeah, it might work to some degree.

      Someone in India made what was a pretty damn good app. but they’ve since stopped maintaining it. Probably found it wasn’t profitable and takes LOTS of time.

      Super interested in software industry though. ;)

  3. I have a 1 x meter snake ( probable longer ) in my garden in Khongchai Kalasin. Grey brownish in colour and quite slim and very agile. My wife is petrified as our 2 x dogs. Question:

    Do you think could be venomous? What do I do next?

    • I’m sure it’s gone by now. To do next – send me email or use the contact page for immediate help. Could have been any of a number of rat snakes, cobras. A photo – even bad – helps some. Cheers!

  4. I been trying to find the snake I came across yesterday in the national park in Chai Prakhan.
    It was black but had bright green and blue patches on it’s back going left to right but it was blue to green and blue to black and green to blue and green to black. It was about 40cm long, was crossing the road bout 1/3 of it’s body (tail end) was to the left like a u shape it would move up like a push then it would slither forward.
    Trying to find out what this snake was as I can not find it anywhere.

  5. Hi Mr Vern,
    my name is Rob, I’m former special Ops and live with Asian since I was kid.
    Can you please identify that snake ?
    I didn’t even try to catch his face, it’s size is roughly 180cm.
    I let it go, it was really nice colour as shadow gray/anthracite turned to blue night.
    location is Kanchanaburi.
    its leveraged land many rocks with thousands of low rise Tamarind trees and 2 billion litres of open air reservoir.

    The owner who’s high rank law enforcement to secure the land wilderness included. I want to find alternative especially about snakes.

    Maybe because we banned pesticides and herbicides we have huge wilderness populations as birds nest, frog, black scorpions big as my hand and big centipedes.

    I try finding solutions for snakes leaving the land or just across it.
    I found online blue granular who supposed to avoid snakes to stay in the property. Does it works or do you have manageable solutions or efficiency product?
    Or maybe other animals which can be introduced and makes any reptiles leaving or across this land ?

    Thank you for your time.

    • a couple of jack russells for centipedes, scorpions, rats, snakes, birds and cows They make a lot of noise but they look after their territory. Most of what people refer to as frogs are cane toads which have the dogs frothing at the mouth If anything they are to brave

  6. What does your logo at the top mean, “The Ultimate Herping Experience?” You might want to edit it to say, “The Ultimate HELPING Experience.” So the world knows you are trying to HELP.


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