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Which Snake Venom Can Shrink Your Testicles – 3 YEARS AFTER THE BITE?!

The Siamese Viper, Russel’s Viper, or Chain Viper. Daboia viper snakes kill more people across the globe than any other snake. Their fangs are long, strong, and permit a lot of venom to be transferred in an instant. ONE OF THE COMPLICATIONS OF A BITE FROM THIS SNAKE IS THAT A MAN’S TESTICLES MAY SHRIVEL … Read more

Siamese Viper – Venomous – Deadly

Daboia siamensis (Siamese Viper; Eastern Russel’s Viper) Thais say: Ngoo Maow Saow Length: Maximum of 1.7 meters. Russel’s around 1 meter long are common. Range: These snakes are found around Bangkok, West, North, and East of Bangkok. The Russel’s photos shown here are from Sa Kaeo province near Cambodia. Habitat:  These snakes are terrestrial and prefer grassy … Read more