Banded Mangrove Snake – Venomous – Mildly Dangerous

(Page Updated: 6 September 2016) Mangrove Cat Snake – Boiga dendrophila Thais say: Ngoo plong tong Length: Up to 250 cm Description: This is a long, strong snake with a rather pronounced vertebral column. The head is black on the top with bright yellow supralabial scales which have black edges, producing a striking effect. The … Read more

Herping Southern Thailand – 5 Snakes + 1 Bonus

Last night I got out to go herping with Anders from Denmark and Rupert from the UK. We went to the usual spot, I arrived at 6:20 pm. As I was pulling into the parking lot I saw a small (30cm) bronzeback snake coming across the dirt road. I slowed, stopped and jumped out with … Read more