Krabi King Cobra Show

Krabi King Cobra Snake Show

Snake Show Photos

King Cobra Nose Rub in Captivity.
All the snakes kept long-term at the Krabi King Cobra Show have bad nose-rub from trying to escape their wire cages.
King Cobra Eats Red Tailed Racer Snake - Thailand
Snakes caught and given to the Krabi King Cobra show are fed to the King Cobras – which each eat a snake each week.
Blood Python Tail - from southern Thailand
Snake tail? Hard to believe, right? This is a Blood Python’s tail. The Krabi Snake Show often has one or two of these pythons for viewing in one of the cages.
Radiated Rat Snake - Copperhead Racer
Radiated Rat Snake after being teased into striking
Keeled rat snake from southern Thailand - venomous, but no effect on humans.
Keeled Rat Snake – Ptyas carinatus – Not Dangerous (not deadly). These are not found often, but occasionally the Krabi snake show has one to show. These snakes can reach 3+ meters in length and substantial girth.
Johnny Milking Monocled Cobra - Naja kaouthia - at Ao Nang King Cobra Show
The fangs and venom glands ARE in all snakes at the show… No fangs are removed, no venom-sacs are removed at the Krabi King Cobra Show. Here, a monocled cobra is milked for venom so tourists can take photos.
Captive king cobra - Krabi, Thailand.
Wild Caught Captive King Cobra. In March and April, the show may have 30-50 king cobras they have caught just in the Krabi area around Ao Nang and Krabi town.
Burmese Python - Southern Thailand (Python molurus bivittatus)
Jackie, a Burmese guy, worked at the show for a few years. Here he is holding a Burmese Python – which are not used in the snake shows.
Burmese man at Krabi Snake Show holds Indo-Chinese Rat Snake (Ptyas korros).
Monkey Man holds an Indo-Chinese Rat Snake at the Krabi King Cobra Show. This snake was later fed to one of the king cobras at the show.
Man bitten by monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) shows necrosis at bite site - at the King Cobra Show in Krabi, Thailand.
Monocled Cobra bite (Naja kaouthia) this was about 4th time bitten.

Krabi King Cobra Show Information

The King Cobra Show is located just up the road from Noppharat Thara Beach in Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand. The open hours are 9 am. to 5 pm. typically, but you can have an after-hours special show if you make a reservation with one of the husband-wife owners.

There are typically the following snakes at the show:

  • Reticulated Pythons (used in the show for demonstrating striking and for photos)
  • Monocled Cobras (used in show for demonstrating striking, and milking of venom)
  • Radiated Rat Snakes (used in shows for demonstrating striking, and sometimes snakes playing dead because they are aggravated to an extreme)
  • King Cobras (used in the show for demonstrating striking)
  • Red-tailed Racers – used as food for King Cobras
  • Indo-Chinese Rat Snakes – food for King Cobras
  • Malayan Pit Vipers – food for Banded Kraits
  • Burmese Python – for show

The cost of the Krabi King Cobra Show depends if you want to see the Monkey Show as well. You can always ask for a lower price if it seems too much. I am not sure if you will get it at the price you want, or not.


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