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  1. Photos of Common Thailand Snakes (FREE) – Click here.
  2. Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify one of Thailand’s 35 venomous snakes and get immediate first-aid instructions. $5 PDF sent by email. We also have it for Cambodia. Here are ordering instructions.
  3. Keep Snakes Out! How To Keep Dangerous Snakes Out Of Your Yard! I found it at Amazon.

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Free Common Thailand Snakes EBook (PDF).

Just finished! 60 Different Venomous and Non-venomous Snakes Pictured in Color.

This is the first free snake guide for Thailand’s common venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Preview of inside the book:

Red-tailed Racer Snake Page in Book

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      1. The links come by email. Check your spam and trash folders in your email system for our emails.

    1. Signed up but didn’t get the link. Checked spam and junk filters but still nothing

  1. Interesting, looking forward to receiving it.

  2. I live in Khon Kaen and I have a 3yr.old son who likes to play in the yard .I Need to know what snakes are venomous or not.People around here want to kill them all.I like snakes They keep rats away! Thank YOU Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      The free ebook I have lists some of the most common venomous Thailand snakes, but I’m putting out a new book very soon which lists them ALL. It will be less than $10, and has some really nice photos of snakes donated by some of the top herpetologists, and photographers in the field. Please check back here in a week or so. Cheers! Vern

  3. thank you, great reading, live in Hua hin 15 months, only seen 3 snakes 🙄, would love to see
    more, I’ll keep my eyes open. 👍

    1. Yeah, they are around, but for the most part difficult to see. Go out at night with a flashlight around 10 pm. and see what you find. Be careful of the Malayan Pit Vipers… Cheers!

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