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Common Thailand Snakes 2

Green keelback snake (Rhabdophis nigrocinctus), a potentially dangerous snake.

[Last Updated: 5 June 2022] More Common Thailand Snakes When visiting Thailand on vacation or for a long-term stay there are certain snakes you are likely to see and others that you will probably never see, even if you’re looking very hard to find them. On this page is a selection of common (frequently found) … Read more

Brahminy Blind Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

VERY COMMON non-venomous snakes which are in nearly every country across the world. It is a myth that these snakes are venomous and deadly. Here in Thailand it is a pervasive myth. There are many kinds of blind snakes in Thailand, and also some small legless skinks that resemble snakes. These snakes resemble thin black … Read more

Dragon Snake – Yes, It’s Real! (Photos + Video)

Dragon snake full body photograph.

[Page Updated: 2 July 2021] The dragon snake found in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia is a unique snake with odd scalation and coloration. This snake is not necessarily that difficult to find, but few have found one due to it’s preference for rocky streams in southern Thailand and further south. Not many herpers making the … Read more

Malayan Bridle Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

[Last updated – 4 June 2022] Malayan Bridle Snake – Dryocalamus subannulatus   Length: 70 cm Description: This is a thin snake less than the thickness of a finger. It has a light yellow mask and comes in one of two color pattern variations. Shown here is the pattern with a brown background and longitudinal … Read more

Laotian Wolf Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

When I say the “Laotian Wolf Snake” is “not dangerous” I mean, it’s not going to kill you or send you to the intensive care unit of a Thailand hospital. But, though this snake isn’t venomous it does have a biting problem. It bites very fast because it’s small and thin – and doesn’t give … Read more