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Indochinese Rat Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

[Last updated: 28 November 2019] Ptyas korros (Indo-Chinese Rat Snake) Thais say: (ngoo sing baan) Length: Adults are just over 1 meter, but can reach near 2 meters. Range: All over Thailand and most of Asia including: Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Western Malaysia, and Singapore. Habitat: … Read more

Malayan Bridle Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

[Last updated – 10 May 2017] Malayan Bridle Snake – Dryocalamus subannulatus Length: 70 cm Description: This is a thin snake less than the thickness of a finger. It has a light yellow mask and comes in one of two color pattern variations. Shown here is the pattern with a brown background and longitudinal stripes … Read more

Othriophis taeniurus helfenbergeri (Helfenbergs Racer) Found in Krabi, Thailand

Some herpetologists believe this snake only occurs north of Krabi. I found one today – a juvenile, dead on the road (sea level), at bottom of Khao Phanom Bencha mountain chain where it ends near Krabi Town (Krabi Noi). Here’s the link to Joachim’s page. Also saw another Malayan Krait – a juvenile this time. … Read more