Snake Photo Submissions

Snake Photo Submissions

If you have a snake photo you took in Thailand in your yard, at a hotel, at the beach, feel free to send it to us at:

Please don’t send photos of captive snakes in tanks, in zoos, or at the snake shows.

You retain all rights to your photo. We don’t use your photo for anything except just publishing it here at for the life of the website. Please don’t ask us to remove your photo once posted.

Send us:

1. Photos – in as high a resolution as you have – original, uncropped, un-shrunk. Can be 25 MB, no problem. Can send up to 5 photos for each snake. If the photos are originals you’ll have to upload them to a file-sharing service like Google Drive and send us the links to grab them. Share the files with our email address or share to anyone with link.
2. Name of person taking photo.
3. Location – province and area of Thailand.
4. Time of day.
5. How the snake was encountered – short blurb or full story.




  1. Found in my project in Samut Prakan ( Bang Plee) , 1 hour before handing over the villa to client !!!! ( mean while in the other room I was chatting to the client and his wife & child !! no snakes were injured in the making of this lol !! ( I gave strict instructions not to kill the snake , the Thai guys wanted to kill it !! , in the end I got my Myanmar Labourer to remove it with a broom !!)
    NB : has no option to paste or attach the picture / video

  2. Need to know the identity of a snake spotted in a much used area of my property in Sukhothai, Thailand please!! It was a deep olive green. Had segments like a King Cobra but the mouth & eyes were all wrong for that kind of snake. Eyes were round & solid black and mouth had a black “smile”. Please respond.

    1. What do you mean “segments”? How long was it? How thick? What time of day or night did you see it?

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