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Banded Krait – Venomous – Deadly

A large Bungarus fasciatus (banded krait) from Southeast Asia.

These are yellow and black kraits here in Thailand. In some other part of the world (Borneo) they are black and white. There are also “Blue Kraits“ aka “Malayan Kraits” which are black and white. And the really incredible looking Red-headed Krait which looks nothing like either of them. [Last updated: 19 Oct 2021] Bungarus … Read more

Red Headed Krait – Bungarus flaviceps – Deadly

Bungarus flaviceps, the red-headed krait is a beautiful and very deadly snake from Southern Thailand.

[Last update: 28 November 2019] Red Headed Krait (Bungarus flaviceps) Thais say: Ngoo sam lee-um hoo-uh si dang Length: These kraits grow to about 2 meters long, though most adults found are shorter. Appearance: Somewhat pronounced vertebral ridge, which differentiates from the Malayan Blue Coral Snake (Calliophis bivurgata). Body is black or dark grey, the … Read more