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King Cobra vs Monocled Cobra – Comparison

Below is a comparison between two deadly snakes found in Thailand and across much of Southeast Asia. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which cobra you have in front of you, but this chart should make it a little easier. You’ll also learn some cobra facts while you’re at it.

The easiest way to identify a king cobra is the much larger head. Another easy way is that any cobra over 3 meters – is a king cobra.

 King Cobra (O. hannah)Monocled Cobra (N. kaouthia)
Length at Birth38-59 cm (15-23 inches)33-46 cm (13-18 inches)
Maximum Length5.85 m ( ft.)2 m ( ft.)
Maximum Girth41 cm (16 inches)23 cm (9 inches)
ColorsBrown, Yellow, Olive Green, Black, GreyBrown, Black
HabitatDeep forest to residential areas.Mostly residential areas.
Thailand RangeMost areas.All
DietSnakes, monitor lizardsRodents, snakes
Strength of Venom (LD-50)1.09 mg/kg.24 mg/kg
Volume of Venom in Ave bite (dry)420 mg263 mg
Spitting CapabilityNonePossible, around 30% can spit venom
Time Until Death with Severe EnvenomationUnder 10 minutes.Couple of hours.
IUCN Redlist StatusVulnerableLeast Concern
Thailand Law on CaptivityIllegalIllegal
CITES Treaty StatusProtectedProtected