2016 Snake Related Goals

Marc with Gonyosoma oxycephalum.
Marc with Gonyosoma oxycephalum (Red-tailed Racer). These non-venomous snakes are fairly common and grow to 2.4 m.

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about lately as the year ends. These are my snake-related goals and ideas for the new year.

  1. Less handling of snakes, more photos and videos of them in their natural habitat.
  2. More night herping video.
  3. Less use of the tongs at all. I rarely use them now, but I’d like to almost eliminate their use except for high in the tree grabs of species I have yet to record.
  4. Create an internship of some sort. Maybe 1-week here herping and learning about Thailand’s snakes and other reptiles / amphibians.
  5. More detailed logging of snake and other reptile finds. I’m really interested in finding some patterns that might indicate when certain snakes are more likely to be found than others.
  6. Less handling of king cobras over 2 meters. Scary snakes!
  7. Find a juvenile king cobra in the wild.
  8. Check off some other species I haven’t found: Bungarus fasciatus, Boiga jaspidea, Daboia. russeli, Calliophis bivirgatus especially.
  9. No venomous bites.
  10. A successful 2016 Herping Event.

You have any goals for the new year?