Thailand Snake Photos – Small Spotted Coral Snake

Thailand found Small Spotted Coral Snake - Calliophis maculiceps

Calliophis maculiceps. Small spotted Coral Snake.

This is another reader submission from Kevin Shupe in Cape Panwa, Phuket. He was doing some yard work and inadvertently killed this cool little snake with a shovel or hoe. Hence the reason for no head shot!

These are subterranean snakes for the most part. They are out and about during September and October for breeding – and then, you usually won’t see any unless you’re walking around overturned ground. They eat worms primarily. They have a very small mouth and I couldn’t find any instances of envenomation in man, but they are coral snakes and should be given some respect if you find one.

Thailand found Small Spotted Coral Snake - Calliophis maculiceps - belly - underside

The amazing thing is the belly of the snake – I never knew it had that coloration. Like a gecko that lost it’s tail and it regrew all funky colored.

If you find any snakes in Thailand – get some photos and send them here – I’ll publish them with your credit and story if you have one.



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  1. These are a fantastic little species, i found one at the resort in 2008, right by the restaurant heading down some concrete steps.

  2. I found this small spotted snake slithering on our tiles after my dog started barking at something under the car. From your description, including the orange colouring underneath, it looks like a small spotted coral snake. This snake was found in a small town near Wang Saphung, Loei.

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