Thailand Snake Photos – Indochinese Sand Snake

Brown snake with tan stripes, the Indochinese sand snake in Thailand
Psammophis condanarus indochinensis

Sent by Paul Donatus, this is an Indochinese Sand Snake that are common in the Chiang Mai – northern region of Thailand.

Personally, I’ve never seen one in southern Thailand, alive, or dead on the side of the road – so I think we don’t have them down here. They attain lengths of about 1 meter. They They eat frogs, smooth scaled lizards / geckos and even other snakes on occasion so reports one keeper.

Indochinese Sand Snake Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Colubridae
Genus: Psammophis
Species: P. condanarus
Binomial name: Psammophis condanarus

Thailand has such diversity among snakes. There are over 200 species of snake living in the country. It’s always exciting to find one I don’t know – and have never seen. Always a bit strange handling them – not knowing, is it venomous and toxic to people, or not?

Keep in mind, I don’t pick up a snake I don’t know with my hands – but when I say “handling” I usually mean on the end of a snake hook, or with snake tongs.

A very cool snake, and apparently Paul has more photos to send. Will get them up as time permits.

Thanks Paul for introducing me to the Indochinese Sand Snake!

7 thoughts on “Thailand Snake Photos – Indochinese Sand Snake”

  1. seen one of these at the road towards Khao Sok National Park in Suratthani a few weeks ago. Quite fast snakes they are. Didn’t have any chance to take a photo INDOCHINESE SAND SNAKE

    • I think those are known to be strictly northern snakes. Possible, I guess.

      • We saw one today in Redang Panjang (very south of Thailand). Looking at the pictures I am quite sure that its a Indo-chinese sand snake. He was 50 cm away from my feet but he was even more scared of me than I was of him. Unfortunatly I was unable to take a picture.

        • I think there are no records for anywhere near Southern Thailand. You may have seen a bronzeback snake, or a kukri snake – both have similar patterns. Cheers!

  2. just had one in a bungalow here on koh Chang, about one meter so can’t be a kukri and didn’t have the red tail
    strips was not wide enough to be a bronze back to

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