Thailand Snake Photos – Golden Tree Snake in Bangkok

Golden tree snake, Bangkok, Thailand. Copyright Rich Lindie, used with permission.
Golden Tree Snake – Copyright, Rich Lindie, used with permission.

Another reader submission – Rich Lindie found this near his apartment in Bangkok, on a palm tree it appears.

These golden tree snakes are very common all over Thailand. In fact, they might be Thailand’s most common snake. They are often found in the leaves of palms, and climbing up the trunk of palm trees. They also love vines and sometimes fences.

These snakes have a diet that consists of nearly everything that moves – but they really love geckos, and in particular – the big Tokay Geckos.

These snakes bite quickly – but their venom is not very toxic to humans. I have been bitten numerous times by these snakes, and as long as you don’t let them hold on and clamp down for a while – the venom shouldn’t affect you.

Golden tree snakes are in the same genus as a couple of other tree snakes:

  • Paradise tree snake (C. paradisi)
  • Twin-barred tree snake (C. pelias)

Snakes in this genus can glide from high trees into the branches of other trees to escape predators or to target prey. I have never seen them do this in the wild, but then I’m never looking up at trees in daytime, my herping is done primarily at night.

Beautiful snake – right?

Thanks Rich!

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