Thailand Snake Photos – Burmese Python in Phuket

Aime sent me a great photo of a Burmese python that was on her walkway. She knew it was a python and figured it wasn’t too aggressive, and in this case she was right. Burmese pythons are quite a bit less vicious than their cousins the Reticulated Pythons. Burmese Pythons can grow to 8 meters. Reticulated pythons can also get that big. Blood Pythons very rarely get over 2 meters.

Burmese Pythons (Python bivittatus) resemble blood pythons also – which are found in southern Thailand as far as Krabi province (we’ve found a couple here in Krabi). I didn’t know Burmese pythons or blood pythons to be found in Phuket though. Apparently they are.

Note – these snakes can be confused with the deadly Chain Vipers – the patterns and colors are very similar to the untrained eye. Chain vipers, also called Russell’s viper – are found in and north and east of Bangkok mostly, not in Phuket or anywhere south of the Chumphon province area (so far).

Copyright 2011 Aime Yodkaew. Published with permission.

Update – check the comments, some are insisting it is not a Burmese python… I think they are right… must have been someone’s pet that was let free in the jungle, and comes around houses because it doesn’t fear people.

9 thoughts on “Thailand Snake Photos – Burmese Python in Phuket”

  1. Hi,

    that´s a ball python (from africa). Somebody must have set it free…

    • ha! I wouldn’t doubt it… I looked at some Burmese pythons today in the cages and the pattern is not the same as this one – at all. I’m not good at Pythons though. You could be right Paul!

  2. its a ball python i work at a zoo and i handle those all the time, it is definitely a ball python, the pattern is completely different to a burm

    • Do you handle the Burmese pythons all the time too? Just seems strange that a ball python in Thailand is running loose. Guess someone could have bought it at the Chatuchak market in Bangkok, and when it got too big – freed it in Phuket. Funny stuff… Yeah, the pattern is definitely quite different from the Burmese pythons we have in Krabi – and we’re only 150km away. Thanks Will…

  3. Yeah, that’s definitely a Ball Python. I have 3 myself and an Albino Burmese. Balls are heavier bodied (relative to their size) but at maturity are smaller than Burmese. Ball Pythons average 3.5 to 4 feet with some rare specimens reaching 5 to 6 feet. The most noticeable difference at a glance though is the patterning.

    • OK, thanks for your vote. Can the ball pythons mate with the Burmese, do you think? I’m sure it’s been tried – anyone know the result of that?

      • it is a burmball – Burmese python x ball python

  4. Shyt that might be mine, my ball python ran away 1 yeah agoif you find that can you please call me (his name is Rudy btw) 0836410665

  5. 1000% west african Ball Python, not even close to a Burmese python, the head, patterning, build is all wrong. Btw I have a Ball Python at home :)

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