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Thailand Snakes Poll – Whose Tail is This?

Whose tail is this?

Leave your answers in the comments section – answer – whose tail is this?

The first one to get it correct will get use of my “The Snake Charmer” – ebook on Kindle whenever Kindle enables borrowing other people’s ebooks. Michael Cota cannot win because I sent him this image already.


Snake posts by Vern Lovic. Amateur herpetologist roaming about Thailand on field herping tours and events to find king cobras, kraits, vipers, corals, keelbacks, and other snakes native to Thailand. FYI - Thailand has over 200 snake species. Here's our latest book with detailed information on Thailand's 35 Deadly Snakes. "Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes In Under 5 Minutes!" INFO HERE.

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10 years ago

this might be a tail of a green Leguan (Iguana iguana).


10 years ago

Hello, thank you for lending opportunity of “The snake charmer”. It would be really great and I would appreciate to read it. I am a kind of hobby thaland snake fan and study your great homepage alot. I love it. By the way I saw the tail and I thought about bungarus fasciatus maybe a varity more ocker yellow but bungarus has a “linear” triangle shape and is so great glossy on the skins surface… Then I detect the small thorns in the top and I thougt it is a leguan. Funny…
Have a nice day. P.S.:When do think a report of the daboia russelli siamensis could be lunched. A really deadly beautiful….

Greatings from Frankfurt Germany

9 years ago

A Physignathus cocincinus would me more apropos.

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