Unidentified Snake

A woman sent me this photo of a snake she said they found on an island in Thailand. Apparently the snake found them, it dropped out of a tree and landed on one of them. Another friend threw it off into the tree.

I don’t recognize the snake. It almost looks like a krait, but the body type is wrong, as is the coloring. The woman said the snake was red and yellow banded and had a red tongue. It was about 14 inches long.

Any ideas?

Unknown Thailand Snake

6 thoughts on “Unidentified Snake”

  1. Hi there,

    my guess is a well fed hypomelanistic Bungarus toysRus ;-)

    regards Erich

    • It really does seem like that, but I’m giving the woman the benefit of the doubt. If it is a new snake, it’s quite different from any that are presently known in Thailand.

  2. Hi,

    it doesn´t look like any asian snake… Could just be a cornsnake or milksnake (they do appear in every possible colour variation as pets). Maybe somebody set it free there…

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