Snakes are Mating in Thailand at the Moment

Some of them are killed as they do so. Got contacted by a guy in Nonthaburi – they had 2 big rat snakes mating in their garden. They called the security guys for the housing complex who insisted these rat snakes were closely related to the cobras – and called Coconut snakes. What the hell?

They killed them both. You see how BIG that one is? 3+ meters… a fine specimen!

Was anyway.

Snakes are mating during these months. Some of them are anyway. I think the king cobras and now I know the rat snakes are too. Probably whatever snakes aren’t hiding away from the cold. Today I had a look in a park in the northeast – all over the park – ponds everywhere, great little trees by the ponds – nothing. No snakes.

I’m giving up until I get back south. The northeast is just way too cold at the moment for snakes.

Big Rat Snake Killed in Nonthaburi
Big Rat Snake in Nonthaburi - 2nd specimen

2 thoughts on “Snakes are Mating in Thailand at the Moment”

  1. Hi,

    I have just seen a Cobra at my back door. I live in a new housing estate in Nontaburi. Should we ignore it or call someone in to try to get rid of it, we know where it is nesting, under the concrete support for our water tank. From what I hear there are a lot of snakes in this village.

    • For me – I would let it stay… but you might want to have it removed. It could be a spitting cobra – and no dogs, or people – need that stuff hitting them in the eye.

      Call to have it removed – the ambulance guys or police know the snake guys that will do it. Give them 200b or something – and be rid of it. Don’t let it stay because likely it will lay eggs – or already has them under there waiting to hatch in june or so I think is how it goes.

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