Snake ID Reader Submission – Oriental Whip Snake

Boiga cyanea - green cat snake on beach in Thailand
Boiga cyanea - green cat snake or Oriental Whip Snake - Ahaetulla prasina - photo credit: Geoff Deady

Geoff Deady sent this great photo of a snake on the beach in Chumphon to have identified.

I couldn’t figure it out for a while.

He said it was about a meter long and 2-3 fingers thick with a reddish tail.

The coloring of the top – and light yellow of the belly make me think – green cat snake (Boiga cyanea). However, if you look at the head it looks like Oriental Whip Snake – Ahaetulla prasina – yes? The thin neck is also more whip snakish – but, the green cat snakes also have a very thin neck near the head.

Green cat snakes have almost viper-like heads when looked at from above, but from the side – more like this. But maybe thicker.

Anyone else want to guess it’s a different snake?

Send your Thailand snake photos in and I’ll attempt to identify them. If I can’t – I’ll leave it to you to figure out.

3 thoughts on “Snake ID Reader Submission – Oriental Whip Snake”

  1. This is Ahaetulla prasina. Pointed head, very slender and reddish tail are key characters of it.

  2. Hi Knotsnake,

    Makes sense except that the guy said it was 2-3 fingers thick. Did you ever see an Ahaetulla that was 2-3 fingers thick? Me neither. Green cat snakes also have reddish tails. At least as I remember. The picture sucks – and I don’t think you or anyone can definitely identify it from this photo alone. Look at the vertebral column too – raised – like a cat snake. Look at the big eye – like a cat snake – right? Look at the colors – more like Boiga cyanea – right?

    But then – look at the tongue sticking out – ! Just like Ahaetulla prasina!

    I don’t know – I’m not definite on what it is.

    Thanks for your comment. Tell Michael Cota I said hi if you get a chance.



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