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Thailand Fishing

When I lived in Florida, I fished a few times per week for hours at a time. I loved it. Best hobby ever. I’ve lived in Thailand for almost twenty years and I haven’t been fishing at all. Why? It just seems pointless. I could be wrong, but that’s what this article is about. I … Read more

Fastest King Cobra on the Planet?

It’s a sensational headline, but I thought it was important that you read this if you handle venomous snakes at all – and even if you don’t. (King cobra video below) I got a call from my friend this morning. He told me they caught a 2+ meter king cobra at a palm plantation the … Read more

Keeled Rat Snake with Mesmerizing Movement (Video) Thailand Snake Note

Before you read today’s Snake Note below – watch this video Vince did. It’s a 2m long keeled rat snake that shows some amazing moves once it spots Vince. Turn on the English captions, he speaks Dutch at first. Blow it up to full screen, it’s still good quality. I’ve had a few visitors to … Read more


A king cobra strikes at the balls of a man trying to grab his tail.

A king cobra let out of the bag for photos – almost turns deadly! Be careful up there guys! King cobras are dangerous not because they are super fast, not because they have the worst venom in the world (they don’t), and not because they are so big. They are so dangerous because they are … Read more