Where to Find the Red-Headed Krait? (B. flaviceps)

Large red-headed krait found in Trang rainforest in Thailand.

One of the coolest snakes in Thailand is the red-headed krait (Bungarus flaviceps). They are beautiful snakes with red head, a blue/black hued body and red tail. Where in Thailand to Find the Red-Headed Krait? I was just sent an email by a photographer asking where he could find this amazing snake. Though the red-headed … Read more

Thailand Snake Photos – Golden Tree Snake in Bangkok

Another reader submission – Rich Lindie found this near his apartment in Bangkok, on a palm tree it appears. These golden tree snakes are very common all over Thailand. In fact, they might be Thailand’s most common snake. They are often found in the leaves of palms, and climbing up the trunk of palm trees. … Read more

Golden Tree Snake – Mildly Venomous

The fastest tree snake in Asia or potentially anywhere in the world is the golden tree snake - C. ornata.

These Golden Tree Snakes are also known as Flying Snakes or Gliding Snakes. They glide very well, perhaps the best of any snake in the world, and even better than some squirrels and lizards. Golden Tree Snakes are lime green (งูเขียว) and black checkered type patterned snake. They are tree dwellers but can climb anything, … Read more