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POLL – Which Thailand Snake Worst to Be Bitten By?

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5 thoughts on “POLL – Which Thailand Snake Worst to Be Bitten By?”

  1. I chose the king cobra, but there are more than a couple of snakes I definitely would NOT want to be bitten by for a full-dose. Especially Malayan Pit Viper, Red-necked Keelback, any Krait, well, and any of the cobras. Guess that doesn’t leave much. Thailand has some really nasty snakes!

    • Chose the Russels Viper as it’s so vicious …… a really angry snake. Think it’s the most scary snake of all …… but it does warn you briefly before it strikes. Had thick military leather boots on at the time …………. never wear flip-flops at night anymore, always carry a torch, especially when it’s raining!

      • I haven’t gone up around Bangkok to look for the Russel’s. I’m anxious to. Have a friend going this spring that I just might have to tag along with. I think once I see how nasty they are, I might change my mind and choose D. russeli as the one I don’t want to be bitten by. You ever see what the venom does to blood?

        • Hi Vern. I have actually went out of Bangkok to look for one but haven’t seen any. I’ve seen only one in my life, in Hampi (India) and it was one of the most beautiful snakes I’ve seen (and my wife agrees). It was rather shy actually. In the pool I’ve picked malayan pitviper. Assuming I’ll seek help immediately I have good chances of surviving bites from all of above snakes but this little worm would give me “adventure” I’ll probably never forget and some scars to remind me of it if I’ll try to :-/ I still find them handsome snakes though.

  2. I chose the Russell’s viper as it is quite prone to biting and the antivenin is not always effective. And the tissue damage it does is horrific. Obviously these are all dangerous snakes, though


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