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The Snake Charmer – a Life and Death in Pursuit of Knowledge – Book Review

[Last Updated: 10 May 2017] Probably some of you have read the story of famous herpetologist, Joe Slowinski. I say “the story” because he died from the bite of a juvenile many banded krait (Bungarus multicinctus) in northern Burma (Myanmar) in 2001. Just a couple of comments here, I’m not a great book reviewer! I … Read more

Thailand Snake Note – Deadliest Snake in Thailand?

Depending how you define ‘deadliest’ there could be a few different Thailand snakes to get that title. If you’re defining deadliest snake as the one that actually kills the most people in Thailand per year, then the deadliest snake is the Malayan Pit Viper. These small brown vipers lay in the grass and wait for … Read more

Thailand Snake Note – Thailand Herping (Herpetology) Trips

Thailand Herping Field Trips If you haven’t been herping in Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia – you will be surprised by a lot of things. Usually when I’m herping with people for the first time, they have a hundred questions about snakes, reptiles, and other wildlife. But that isn’t all. When you travel here … Read more