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Accepting Offers for ThailandSnakes

It’s that time!


I had two good offers for in the past and I wasn’t interested in selling it so much back then. The site has 400+ pages of content about snakes in Thailand and does well on Google. It has become a resource for thousands of people who’ve come to Thailand from all over the world to find and photograph snakes and other reptiles and animals.

I have met so many snake experts and enthusiasts over the years, building the site has been worth it for those experiences alone. You can also enjoy that benefit.

Unexpectedly, became a good source of income in a number of ways. If you’re serious about buying the site, I can talk more about that.

Have a look around. See if the site makes sense for your situation.

I hope nobody buys the site simply as a way to use the high-value hyperlinks from it, but there is that possibility. Hopefully, someone who loves snakes and wants to take the site to the next level will buy it and turn it into something much greater, something even more useful.

I also have and you can have that with the sale.

You can have the rights to display all the images on the site as they currently are, and can transfer those rights if you sell the site as well.

Offers over 150,000 THB will be considered.

Cheers, and let your friends know if they might have an interest in owning Thailand’s biggest and longest-established snake site.


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